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From Denmark to Wemen

A SELF-propelled three-row harvester is driving harvesting efficiency to new levels for one of Australia’s largest carrot growers, Lamattina & Sons. Harvesting five days a week, 52 weeks a year, this family-owned and operated business processes more than 1000 tonnes of carrots every week for delivery to a range of retail, wholesale, processing and export markets. Powering ...

‘Big Baz’ rides on

The vision of innovative South Australian washed potato grower, the late Barry Farmer, has been fulfilled with the delivery of a state-of-the-art GRIMME 470 self-propelled four-row harvester to the Farmer Group’s  Kangaringa Station. The harvester – affectionately dubbed ‘Big Baz’ – is capable of gently lifting, cleaning and loading up to 45 tonnes of potatoes per hour, perfec ...

Two-row Harvester Doubles Capacity

John Doyle operates a potato growing business in Berrigan, NSW, Australia. A long-standing GRIMME customer, John recently purchased a GRIMME SE 260 two-row potato harvester which has seen his harvesting capacity double. Hear why GRIMME harvesters are the only choice for John, even after 40 years of farming.

Landpower Vegetable Centre to Represent ASA-LIFT

LANDPOWER Vegetable Centre has added the ASA-LIFT range of vegetable harvesters to its Australian and New Zealand stable following the completion of GRIMME’s acquisition of ASA-LIFT. The acquisition consolidates GRIMME’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of cultivation, planting, harvesting and handling equipment used in the potato, beet and vegetable industries. A ...

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